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Multiple Orders Discounts

At Number2Remember, we offer discounts on multiple orders. Our discounts start from the moment you buy your second number with us. So if you want to buy more matching or personalised numbers for the rest of your team, your girlfriend, husband, kids, your whole family or gifts for anyone else, you can place additional orders and get discounts on all of them!

£10 Discount on All Additional Orders

Our checkout system allows numbers to be purchased one at a time. Simply place your first order and then complete the PayPal payment. Then place your second, and any more orders on the same day. Then simply email us at, with the transaction IDs of all of your orders and we will refund £10 for each additional order you made straight away!

Unlimited Discounts

You can get discounts on all of your additional orders and there are no maximums. So if you order 1 additional number, you will get a £10 refund, or if you order 4 additional numbers, you will get £40 refund in total, and so on and there are no limits. Order as little or as many as you like and get discounts on all of your additional orders. If you have any questions about the discounts simply contact us!